An iNTEGRATED Solution

iNTREO integrates building automation and security in one open protocol web controlled system.

Building Automation

Cost effective and energy efficient solutions are now more important than ever. Building automation systems (BAS) are used to control all the HVAC and lighting equipment more efficiently. This saves time and money by reducing maintenance and cutting energy requirements. With the iNTREO open protocol web based system you can easily create schedules, view the status of the HVAC and lighting, and override the equipment on or off.


There’s never been more focus on the need to protect your buildings, assets, and employees than right now.

Concerns over the rising number of identity thefts, the proliferation and loss of mobile assets, and the implementation of new Federal Government standards continually challenge security managers to find the best way to secure their buildings, assets, and intellectual property. IT technology is rapidly impacting the way systems are developed, installed, and managed – and compatibility with IT standards has become a critical need. Security managers facing constantly evolving requirements must find scalable systems that have the flexibility to meet their long-term needs. Enter iNTREO Security, an advanced, web-based, Internet-enabled access control and intrusion detection system built on the industry leading NiagaraAX Framework®. iNTREO Security provides physical protection for your assets whether a single building or a large multi-site application. iNTREO Security enables authorized security administrators to manage credential enrollment, access rights and schedules, time and attendance, and alarm response in real time via a standard web browser from anywhere at any time.

In a dynamic world where personnel and requirements can change quickly, having real-time control provides better security.