iNTREO – Product Sheets


The iNTREO Building Security System is a web-based, integrated access control and intrusion detection system.

Using only a single device; iNTREO can monitor user access and intrusion, CCTV cameras, alarms, handle scheduling and more in real-time from anywhere on the web. The iNTREO system also integrates with building control systems to provide a complete building automation and security system.

Download the iNTREO Security Data Sheet (pdf)
Download the iNTREO 125kHz Data Sheet (pdf)
Download the iNTREO 13.56MHz Data Sheet (pdf)
Download the iNTREO Video Data Sheet (pdf)

Building Automation

Cost effective and energy efficient solutions are now more important than ever. Building automation systems (BAS) are used to control all the HVAC and lighting equipment more efficiently. This saves time and money by reducing maintenance and cutting energy requirements. With the iNTREO open protocol web based system you can easily create schedules, view the status of the HVAC and lighting, and override the equipment on or off.

Application Controllers application controller

The iNTREO Application Controllers are fully programmable, native BACnet Advanced Application Controllers that communicate on a RS-485 LAN using the BACnet MS/TP protocol. The iNTREO Application Controllers are designed for a wide range of applications. They also support BACstats and other iNTREO LINKnet devices.

Download the DAC-304-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)
Download the DAC-322-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)
Download the DAC-606-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)
Download the DAC-633-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)
Download the DAC-1146-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)
Download the DAC-1180-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)
Download the DAC-1600-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)

Field Modulesdfm field module

The iNTREO field modules are designed to provide remote I/O to BACnet controllers.

Download the DFM-200x-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)
Download the DFM-400x-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)
Download the DFM-400P-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)
Download the DFM-1600-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)
Download the DFM-1616-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)

LAN Terminatorlan terminator

The TRM-768-iNTREO provides end of the line termination on RS-485 networks using balanced LAN cables and its shield.

Download the TRM-768-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)

Network Repeaternetwork repeater

The DZNR-768-iNTREO is an intelligent RS-485 BACnet MS/TP, 4 port network repeater. It has two removable terminals for two wire twisted pair connections, and four RJ-45 jacks to accommodate the quick connect cabling used with the DZNT-VAV-iNTREO products. The DZNR-768-iNTREO also includes 118 on board LEDs that continuously monitor network traffic and display communication errors.

Download the DZNR-768-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)

Network Sensorsnetwork sensor

The DNS-24L-iNTREO is an intelligent room sensor with a custom LCD display and 4 push buttons for user control. Both the LCD display and push buttons can be fully programmed via GCL+ over the LINKnet network.

Download the DNS-24L-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)

Network Thermostatsnetwork thermostat

The DNT-T305-iNTREO is a fully programmable, Native BACnet Advanced Application Controller that communicates on an RS-485 LAN using the BACnet MS/TP protocol. The DNT-T305-iNTREO’s attractive housing includes an LCD display with a wide angle view and an intuitive keypad.

Download the DNT-T305-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)

Quick Connect MS/TP Network Adaptersquick connect adapter

The iNTREO quick connect MS/TP network allows a robust, simple and flexible network architecture through the use of various accessories.This allows the functionality of star topology while maintaining the required daisy chain implementation of BACnet MS/TP networks.

Download the ADP45-MSTP-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)

Touch Screen Interfacetouch screen

The DHMI-7E-iNTREO is a 7-inch diagonal, high resolution, wide screen format, color LCD used for interfacing with the iNTREO controls building automation system. The iNTREO DHMI uses BACnet over Ethernet to communicate with other controllers on a local area network. User created graphics allow the DHMI to be completely customized for a given application.

Download the DHMI-7E-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)

System ControllersDSC System Controller

The iNTREO System Controllers are fully programmable, Native BACnet building controllers that communicates on Twisted-Pair Ethernet 10BaseT using BACnet IP and BACnet over Ethernet, or on an RS-485 LAN using the BACnet protocol.

Download the DSC-1146E-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)
Download the DSC-1212-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)
Download the DSC-1616-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)

System Manager

system manager

The DSM-RTR-iNTREO is a fully programmable, Native BACnet Building Controller designed for BACnet routing applications. BACnet routers are devices that connect two or more networks to form a larger BACnet network.

Download the DSM-RTR-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)

VAV ControllersDVC Application Controller

The iNTREO VAV Controllers are fully programmable, Native BACnet application controllers that communicate on a RS-485 LAN using the BACnet protocol. They are specifically designed to control VAVs and support the iNTREO BACstat and LINKnet I/O. The damper actuator assembly is available with or without position feedback. Additional inputs and outputs can be configured as required.

Download the DVC-V304-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)
Download the DVC-V322-iNTREO Data Sheet (pdf)