iNTREO – HVAC Architecture

Below is an image of the HVAC architecture of the iNTREO system. Roll your mouse over the pictures to learn more or read below.

  • Net Supervisor – The Net Supervisor is a server that talks to multiple iCONs across the internet or a network. Creating a powerful network environment; the Net Supervisor manages data collection, alarms, messaging, software control, and global scheduling. In addition, a Net Supervisor provides a single environment for the graphical user interface across all of your sites.
  • Web Browsers/ Workstation Software – A powerful ability of the web-based iNTREO system is the ability to access, manage, control and create stations for your facility anytime, anywhere. Not only can users log into a station from anywhere, the workstation software can create, maintain, update and change stations from over the internet.
  • iCON (iNTREO Controller) – The iCON is a compact, embedded controller/server platform. It combines integrated control, supervision, data logging, alarming, scheduling and network management functions with Internet connectivity and web serving capabilities in a small, compact platform. The iCON makes it possible to control and manage external devices over the Internet and present real time information to users in web-based graphical views.
  • IO-16-485 – The iNTREO IO-16-485 allows the JACE to extend applications to include inputs and outputs remotely located up to 4,000 feet away. This connection is established by means of an industry standard RS-485 multi-drop communications bus.
  • RIO – The iNTREO RIO module contains capacity for 8 supervised inputs and 8 relay outputs. The I/O module can be utilized for monitoring intrusion sensors, elevator controls, controlling doors, or any miscellaneous devices which do not require a card reader. Up to 15 RIO modules can be used per iCON depending on the model.
  • System Controller – The iNTREO system controller is a fully programmable BACNet supported device. These devices have I/O on board, a real time clock (RTC), serial port and a battery backup.
  • Application Controller – The iNTREO application controller is a fully programmable BACNet supported device designed to work with the iNTREO System Controllers and System Managers. Each iNTREO application controller has a built-in software clock and flash memory backup.
  • Field Modules – The iNTREO field modules are designed to provide remote I/O for System or Subnet Controllers. Some iNTREO field modules can be connected directly to a BACnet MS/TP network segment. When they are installed directly to BACnet segments they function as independent devices with inputs accessible over the BACnet MS/TP network.
  • Zone Controllers – The iNTREO Zone Controllers are suitable for controlling VAV, fan powered, or VVT sequences with choices for 3 stage digital reheat, tri-state with 2nd stage digital reheat, or analog with 2nd stage digital reheat.
  • Network Thermostats – iNTREO offers two different network thermostats the first is the iNTREO-DNT-T221 networkable temperature sensor with built I/O. They communicate on a BACnet MS/TP network. The second iNTREO network thermostat is the iNTREO-DNT-T305 network thermostat. These are temperature and humidity sensors without built in I/Os. These sensors have a LCD display that can be customized to display various temperatures and status points.
  • Network Sensors – The iNTREO network sensors are temperature and humidity sensors without built in I/Os. These sensors have a LCD display that can be customized to display various temperatures and status points.
  • Network Repeater – The iNTREO network repeater extends an RS-485 network so that additional devices or cable length can be added. No configuration is required for this device. It automatically senses and matches the repeater timing to the network timing.