Delta Controls

Delta Controls has emerged as the industry leader in automated building controls by doing five things exceptionally well:

  • Simplicity of product design, installation and operation.
  • Robust BACnet systems.
  • The ability to customize products and systems.
  • The ability to integrate control systems with each other, as well as with those of other companies.
  • Trust that comes from doing the job right.

For more than 25 years Delta Controls has offered dependable and user-friendly building control solutions to commercial, government and retail buildings, as well as schools, universities, hospitals, airports and more. Delta Controls delivered the world’s first fully integrated native BACnet building solution encompassing HVAC, Lighting and Access products.

  • Earthright™ Energy Management

    Energy costs are increasing rapidly and environmental issues are a major concern for everyone. Pressure is increasing to deliver more aggressive…

  • Web Connectivity

    Delta’s ORCAweb™ Server is the solution. Connecting to your site via a Web Browser allows you to manage multiple building systems from anywhere in your facility, or around the world; whether on site or responding to a situation from home. Even your wireless PDA or cell phone is a web client, enabling you to manage your facility when a computer is unavailable.

  • Open Protocols / Enterprise Integration

    Open protocols are the solution. BACnet gives you more choices than any other protocols. Multiple systems from different vendors can interoperate from top to bottom, from smart networked devices like BACstat™ thermostats and BACnet based VFDs, to central plant controls and Operator Workstation Software. Delta’s system is BACnet from top to bottom and has been listed by the 3rd party BACnet Testing Laboratories as being the most capable BACnet system available.

  • HVAC Temperature Controls

    Your HVAC system(s) should be meeting your ever-changing demands while maximizing your energy performance and client comfort. A HVAC no longer consists of a single vendor’s equipment/controls requiring system to communicate together. Looking at independent systems is time consuming and costly.

  • Access Controls and CCTV

    Delta Controls Access Control solution addresses many challenges that operators face when securing a building. The richness of features and simple programming language allow even the most difficult configurations to be solved quickly. The system uses industry standard protocols and components in order to make installation and system upgrades as simple as possible.

  • Lighting Controls

    Delta Controls’ lighting controllers are the solution. These fully programmable controllers provide the means to control any switched or dimming needs you can dream up. Your interface could be something as simple as a keypad display, to a custom graphical front end on a PC, to a full web server solution allowing users to control their own zones changing needs.