Commercial buildings have a number of subsystems — security, lighting, elevators, power, safety, and HVAC — that are crucial to a well-run building. But most of them operate separately or, at best, are connected through a series of costly, hard-to-maintain gateways to a single human-machine interface.

Echelon pioneered the concept of open building systems, where manufacturers follow independently maintained interoperability guidelines that let building integrators choose best-of-breed products to create a single, unified building automation system. Our embedded technology and infrastructure products are at the heart of these open systems, delivering benefits such as:

  • Greater expandability and flexibility at a lower cost.
  • Lower installation and lifecycle costs.
  • Vastly improved energy efficiency.
  • Open building systems based on Echelon technology benefit everyone:
  • Manufacturers enjoy greater market acceptance.
  • Integrators deliver better systems.
  • End users lower their energy costs with better, less-costly-to-maintain building