How will the ENERGY STAR benefit my organization?

Your organization benefits in three ways: First, you will know that you are doing your part to fight global warming by using less energy than your peers. Second, your bottom line benefits from increased energy savings. Third, you’re showing the world that your organization is making a commitment to reduce its impact on the environment. You establish yourself as a leader doing what’s right for the planet and for future generations. Research shows significant portions of our population prefer to work for or do business with organizations they perceive to be environmentally responsible.

Additionally, EPA is here to help you promote your achievement. Each year, EPA releases information to the press about buildings and manufacturing plants that have earned the prestigious ENERGY STAR, occasionally shining a media spotlight on certain buildings. Within the ENERGY STAR program, it is also possible to receive public recognition as an ENERGY STAR Partner or Leader, or to earn the coveted Partner of the Year Award.